Saturday, July 27, 2013

MZRCDXVL "Paranoid" (2007, Kill Shelby James cassettes #5)


1. Ligyrophobia
2. Night of the Living dead
3. Fuck That Shit
4. Attack in Dekalb pt.1 (Unsane cover)
5. Real Down
6. Locked Up
7. Rudge With a "G" (Fudge Tunnel cover)
8. Naked
9. Knowledge
10. Off Our Planet
11. Attack in Dekalb pt.2 (Unsane cover)
12. Helmet

M.G.Miller: guitars, vox, drums, recording
Adaminverted: drums, guitar, layout/packaging/dubbing
"Rontrose" Petzke: bass on some tracks
Originally released in 2007 on cassettes in ziplock bags.